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Do Finn's Finest Cookies contain any seed oils? - Finn's Finest Cookies

Does Finn's Finest Cookies contain any seed oils?

Made with Real Butter...No Seed Oils

A growing number of people having been asking me, “Do you use seed oils in your cookies?” My response is "No, just real butter."

So, I did a bit of investigating on what are main seed oils for my cookie lovers. According to Catherine Shanahan, MD, best known as Dr. Cate and author of The Fatburn Fix and Deep Nutrition, these are the most widely used unhealthy fats:

· Canola oil

· Corn oil

· Cottonseed oil

· Grapeseed oil

· Rice bran oil

· Safflower oil

· Soy oil

· Sunflower oil

Finn’s Finest Cookies are made with only natural ingredients. No preservatives or additives to interfere with the pure creamy, rich taste of our gourmet cookies. Our first ingredient is AA butter which we only use in our shortbread cookies.

Click here to learn more about nutritionist Dr. Cate and her perspective on seed oils.

Enjoy your cookies!