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Welcome Cookie Lovers! - Finn's Finest Cookies

Welcome Cookie Lovers!

I am so excited to share with you my journey...any cookies. Yes, almost 30 years ago, I was passionate about finding a cookie treat for my toddlers. I would examine the cookie labels at the store and realize those cookies weren’t right for my daughters. I decided I could make a better cookie! So, I thought about the flavors and characteristics of a perfect cookie for a child. To me, it was important that my child wouldn’t choke on the cookie. As a new mom, I would always chop up food so my children wouldn’t choke. As for the flavor, I didn’t want anything too sweet but wanted a very pleasant taste and smell. What could be better than a crisp vanilla cookie?

Then came the experimenting of flavors and ways to create an air and crispy cookies. As an engineer, I was in my element. There were several tries before I was onto a good balance of ingredients. I continued to tweak the recipe until it was right. Voila! Next it was onto the sampling phase…the kids couldn’t get enough.